K9 Unit

The NJ Transit Police Canine (K9) Unit is attached to the police department's Special Operations Division. From the time of its inception, the K9 Unit has greatly increased its capabilities and personnel. NJ Transit Police K9 teams specialize in explosive detection, narcotics detection, criminal and missing person tracking searches. The canine's unique abilities to detect and deter are used throughout the NJ Transit system. The strong olfactory senses of a K9 give the NJ Transit Police Department an incredible tool to keep commuters and NJ Transit employees safe from crime and terrorism. On top of the hundreds of service calls handled each month and daily deployments, NJ Transit Police K9 assist municipal, state, county and federal agencies with K9 specific operations. Each K9 team goes through an initial state certification process that ensures that they are competent in their abilities. Additionally, all K9 teams train and certify on a regular basis to hone those skills and remain effective in their duties.