Office of Emergency Management

Under the direction of the NJTPD Chief of Police, the Office of Emergency (OEM) is responsible to coordinate emergency management activities with all departments and business lines of NJ Transit. These emergency management activities include:

  • Monitoring various information sources (i.e., National Weather Service, TELVENT, New Jersey Region Operations Intelligence Center, etc.) for threats and hazards that could potentially impact NJ Transit;
  • Developing, reviewing and/or updating emergency plans and supporting materials;
  • Coordinating with the various departments and business lines to identify and implement mitigation measures to reduce the consequences from hazards that may impact NJ Transit;
  • Coordinating response and recovery efforts across the agency for emergencies; and
  • Ensuring the management and proper functioning of the NJ Transit Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

The OEM is also responsible for Homeland Security Training and Exercise (TT&E) program within NJ Transit. This program is intended to evaluate emergency plans and procedures and resource capabilities to identify areas for improvement. Testing of communications systems, training personnel on the emergency plans or emergency Standard Operations Procedures, and exercises such as fire drills or simulated full-scale emergencies provide the mechanisms for these evaluations to occur.