Stay OFF the tracks! 

Trespassing is illegal and it is NOT Worth the Risk! Trespassing on NJ TRANSIT property is against the law for your protection.


Trains Can't Swerve and trains can NOT stop Quickly!

It can take a mile or more for a train to stop after the emergency brake is fully applied.

Cross Tracks Only at Designated Locations! Never go around crossing gates that are down, on foot or in a car.

Trains can travel in both directions and on separate tracks.  


Stay Alert Near The Tracks! 

Be mindful not to be distracted by the use of cell phones, electronic devices, ear pods and headphones. Always stand behind the yellow line at station platforms and watch the gap between the train & the platform.

Be familiar with this sign - you could save a life!

You can help to keep yourself and the community safe. If you notice an unsafe condition or situation such as a vehicle stuck on the tracks, a malfunctioning crossing gate or any hazardous condition... look for a blue sign posted near the crossing that displays our NJ TRANSIT Police contact number (800-242-0236), a U.S. Department of Transportation crossing identification number, and the street name. Immediately contact us!  Report your observations as well as the information included on the sign to us. Be familiar with this sign - you could save a life!


Rail safety resources for children


For additional rail safety information visit , or .