Smart Phone Theft Prevention


Would you give a stranger access to your bank account? Your personal information? How about your photos, videos, and contacts? If your smartphone fell into the wrong hands, it could become a costly nightmare. This is in ADDITION to the cost of replacement! KNOW that your smartphone is a valuable target for criminals and identity thieves. Follow these steps to help to protect your device both on the system and in public abroad:

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ALWAYS stay aware of your surroundings. If you are head down / distracted by your smart device, you are a welcoming target for thieves. Whether you are scrolling, listening to music, or holding conversation, be sure to make continual visual checks of your immediate surroundings. 

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Increased chances for phone snatches from hands or swiped devices from surfaces exist in public places. Never place your phone down while purchasing tickets or shopping. Always secure your phone, especially while the doors on public transportation are opening and closing. These are times of distraction where your smartphone could quickly be snatched or picked up by a thief.  

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Use a strong screen lock and NEVER use a pattern lock. Pattern locks can be easily memorized. We recommend using a password or a pin longer than 4 digits.

Download a find my phone app. These types of apps allow you to remotely locate your device. They can also allow you to remotely lock your device before a criminal can access your personal data. New Jersey Transit Police can, and have successfully apprehended smartphone thieves by using remote location apps. These apps MUST BE INSTALLED prior to you losing your device. If your device is lost or stolen while on the system, notify NJTPD as soon as possible. Contact NJTPD 24/7 via text at 65873 or phone at 1-888 TIPS NJT.

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Visit the Consumer Reports website for addition ways to protect your smartphone from theft or loss here: