NJ TRANSIT Police Department's
Three Decades of Service

"Any one of our police officers may interact with hundreds of people on any given day. As a result, it's great to know that, when we come to work, we can make a difference in people's lives. I thank them for doing an often difficult job, day in and day out."

- NJTPD Chief Christopher Trucillo

The NJ TRANSIT Police Department is the only transit policing agency in the country with statewide authority and jurisdiction. The Department was created on January 1, 1983, and it evolved as a result of the passage of the Public Transportation Act of 1979 and subsequent legislation on the state and federal levels. At that time, the original complement included thirty-nine Commissioned Rail Police Officers. On January 12, 1990, NJSA 27:25-15.1 was enacted into law, and it established the NJ Transit Police Department as a sworn law enforcement agency with the "general authority, without limitation, to exercise police powers and duties, as provided for police officers and law enforcement officers, in all criminal and traffic matters at all times throughout the State..."

Today, the NJ TRANSIT Police Department's mission is to maintain public order and safety while deterring and preventing terrorism and crime throughout the NJ TRANSIT system. NJTPD's commitment to exceptional public service serves as the foundation in leading the Department's relentless crime prevention and suppression efforts.

The current strength of the Department, which includes Fare Enforcement Inspectors, serves approximately 450,000 customers who use the NJ TRANSIT system daily. In addition, the NJ TRANSIT Police Department is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the transit network.


  •     January 1983 - NJ TRANSIT Police Department begins operations.
  •     1984 - Assumed patrol duties at Newark Penn Station after Amtrak transferred control of the station to NJ TRANSIT.
  •     1985 - Train Patrol Unit launched; Railroad Police merge with Security Special Investigations Unit handling Internal Investigations for Corporate, Rail and Bus   Operations, and appointed its first Chief of Police.
  •     1990 - Police Department was granted sworn status, giving them full police powers to handle traffic and criminal matters anywhere in New Jersey.
  •     1992 - New police headquarters and communications center open in Maplewood, State Legislature approves transfer of sworn police personnel from Railroad Retirement System to Police and Fire Retirement System, New Atlantic City Command established.
  •     1999 - Established Fare Enforcement Unit for Light Rail systems.
  •     2003 - Two additional commands open (Trenton and Secaucus).
  •     2004 - New headquarters and communications center opens at our headquarters building in Newark.
  •     2005 - JUSTICE Team and Haz-Mat team are formed.
  •     2008 - National Incident Management System training to meet requirements of Homeland Security Presidential Order #5 and Governor's Executive Order #50.
  •     2010/11 - Federally funded counter-terror positions added.
  •     2011 - Intelligence Unit is formed.
  •     2011 - JUSTICE Team adds capabilities and equipment; becomes full-time Emergency Services Unit (ESU).
  •     2012 - Fraud Unit formed under the Investigations Bureau to combat all financial fraud against NJT.
Old Group Photo
Attending one of the NJTPDs first cadet graduation ceremonies were (left to right) Assistant Vice President of Rail Operations Frank Flynn, Police Superintendent Werner Ropers, graduating cadets Ann Bogan and Robert McColgan, Police Captain Hans Hemple and Police Captain William Schroeder.
Police Officer Dean Ackerman
Police Officer Dean Ackerman with one of our first police cars, a Dodge Diplomat (circa 1984).
Sgt. John Riccardi in the original Communications Room in Maplewood (mid-1980s).
The NJ TRANSIT Police Department, including Officer James Ludzieski, performs frequent joint training exercises with other law enforcement agencies and first responders several times each year.
The Department's Special Operations Unit specialized training includes firefighting capabilities, which they demonstrated during a brush fire in February 2012 adjacent to the Bergen County Line.
Our Police Department's K-9 unit is led by Sgt. Cindy Garcia, seen here with her partner Bosco and children who participated in the 2012 Take Your Children to Work Day.
Police Chief Christopher Trucillo (right) meets with (left to right) Police Officers Joseph Colamedici, Matthew McNulty and Paul Marshall during a recent outing near Newark Penn Station.
Keep an eye out for the new edition of the department's Chevy Impala police cars.
The NJTPD is known for its generous charitable work, including fundraising for and assisting with the New Jersey Special Olympics. Here, Police Sgt. Rose Minoughan holds hands with a participant in the winner's circle from the 2012 Olympic Games.